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Icewall One

Company profile

Icewall One's pre-fabricated, insulated, fibreglass Igloo Satellite Cabins are manufactured under licence by Penguin Composites Pty Ltd.

The Igloo Satellite Cabin is used as accommodation for remote polar research, ecotourism, wildlife research and mining camps.  It is an icon of Tasmania's involvement in Antarctic activities and is well known by the global Antarctic community.

Products and services

Igloo Satellite Cabins measure 3 metres diameter by 2.1 metres in height and consist of eight wall panels, four floor panels and a top escape hatch.  Units can be extended up to 6 metres in length by adding 765 mm extension panels, or interlinked with tunnels.

Units have a life-span of over 20 years on ice and comply with the Madrid Protocol, being environmentally-friendly by requiring no foundations and leaving little trace once removed.

Wall panels can be fitted with a door or with double-glazed polycarbonate windows, each 600 mm diameter.  The walls, floors and hatches consist of a gelcoated fibreglass laminate, PET sheet insulation and an interior gelcoated laminate.

Air vents are fitted to doors and top hatches. A range of fibreglass benches and shelves are also available, including customised furniture fittings.

All units are pre-assembled before being packed and panels can be replaced when damaged.

History of supply

Icewall One Igloos have been used in Antarctic research programs since 1982.

Customers include both Australian and overseas polar institutes, with a total of 42 international and 16 Australian customised Igloo sales since the product's inception.

Unique selling proposition specialist areas of expertise

The Igloo Satellite Cabin is a unique product. Its dome shape with undercurvature substantially reduces snow build-up on the walls in blizzards and the structure can withstand winds of up to 300 km/hr.  All Igloos are made to order, with a variety of optional layouts and accessories.

A fully assembled Igloo can be flown suspended beneath a helicopter at speeds up to 140 km/hr, allowing occupants to take immediate residency at a site.

An Igloo needs no foundations, ensuring there is minimal damage to the environment once removed.

Australian markets

Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria

International markets

Antarctica, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Spain, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States