Lion - The Heritage

Lion - The Heritage

Company profile

Lion manufactures specialty cheese from a modern cheese making facility in Burnie. 

Products and services

Portfolio of cheese products including:

  • South Cape
  • King Island Dairy and
  • Tasmanian Heritage.

History of supply

Tasmanian Heritage originates from one of Australia's oldest specialty cheese producers with a heritage dating back to 1955. Based in north-west Tasmania, the company sources milk from a region with geographical and latitudinal similarities to the famous French cheese making province of Normandy. This makes it the perfect environment for creating high quality cheese.

Unique selling proposition specialist areas of expertise

Mineral rich soils, cool annual temperatures, abundant rainfall and a consistent salt spray creates an environment in Tasmania perfect for quality milk production, which helps create some of the world's finest cheeses.

Australian markets

Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia